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Ambient Temp On R34 ?

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Been meaning to ask this for ages !

On my R32, there was a button to push which would give you the ambient ( outside ) temp.

My R34 does not have a button, but I noticed that it does have a temp sensor behind the front bumper ( I guess for the climate control ) so I'm wondering if there is some way the outside temp can be displayed through the climate control ?

Thanks in advance. ( I really miss this feature ! )

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nope cant be done..the sensor behind the front bumper goes to the ecu as a reading for how cold it is outside and inside to adjust the a/c temp ..basically to tell it what temp u want inside the car..


you could do it but there would be a lot of stuffing around and money spent...

or u could just stick a thermostat on ya windscreen.hahahahaha

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It's only in the GTR.

You can most likely just replace your non-GTR climate control with a GTR one for a about $150 - $200 but not really good value for money...

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yeah, you push the climate control knob in (silver thing you turn to change temp) and it will display outside temp.

but i've only seen it on the gtr's not the gtt's

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let me know how you go Scott as this is something I've been looking at also.

After translating that page and reading Japlish there doesn't seem to be anything to technical to worry about except the change to a GT-R air-con unit.

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