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Selling My Car How Much Yous Think?

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Hey guys, im selling my r34 four door and a guy is prepared to give me $25,000 for it i wonted to know if yous think im under selling it or not ,

It has:

Full sports kit including a bonnet all from car mate

Apexi pod

Blitz BOV

Custom made cooler piping and cooler

King Springs

20" Koya rims

Custom made sub box , with 2 12" kenwood subs with Alpine amp

Two screens in the headrests and one in the dash were the original one was

JVC Head Unit

Two Greddy gauges, boost and temp

Greedy Profec e01 i think it is

Apexi Turbo timer

Full exhuast 3 "

thats about it i should have photos soon but what do you guys rekon thanks guys

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With the extras you have, i think that price is not too bad.

4 door 34's usually go for around 20k dont they?, i guess it depends about the general condition and how many k's you have on the clock.

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yeah normally around $20, its the first guy that has looked at it so i think i might be selling it to cheap, but if the guys on here say other wose ill sell it , and the thing is i cant include time and effort into the price , becuase of things like the kit and the sub box took me agers to get it to the standard which i like it, it was in melbourne autosalon this year if you went....

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