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The Tyre Factory Mega Sale


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I have just come back from TTF and thought this deserves a post!

If you need tyres or wheels go to The Tyre Factory, Thomastown or Geelong, tonight (till midnight) or tomorrow (Sat.) till 4pm, as they are having a sale.

I just scored a PAIR of Hankooks Ventus K102 for $260, fitted and balanced (255x40x17) (brand spankin' NEW :) )

Thats right!!!! A pair for $260 :)

PS: I have absolutely no affiliation with TTF, but this sale is worth a mention.

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Michael said those tyres are rubbish and were very sloppy at the track and he only got about 2 laps out of them.. or something like that.. I don't know his thoughts on them as street tyres though.

Not for track, i have my re55s for that :).

Just wanted a set of cheap rubber for daily/thrash type duties, as my std rims no longer fit over my 33GTR Brembos.

I have a set of Hankook K104's on my 19's and these are pretty damn good as street tyres, so i figured the K102's (newer design) can't be too bad :)

The sale is advertised, heard it in NOVA for the last 2-3days, no specific prices given, just a sale across the board.

I did do some of my own negotiation ;)

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got my 245/35 sport k104 (hankooks) for 130 each :D fitted and balanced... lucky luch and simon down in thomastown help me out on prices or ill be buggered..

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