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So What Should I Do Next...

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Got my car tuned on tuesday, very happy with the results :)

Mods are:

Front mount

pod etc etc...

Wired my a afc neo myself, Got Anthony at TURBOTECHNICS to tune it :)

Very helpful bloke and friendly to deal with!

Made 215rwkw on 8psi :D These neo afc are worth there weight in gold 40 horses at the wheels straight away :D

Is this a good result?

What mods next?

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are u sure? sounds very high for 8psi?

what engine? got a dyno printout

either way it sounds good, the main thing is how does it drive, compared to previously thats the main thing

if it flies, then all good

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Mods are:

99 r34gtt engine.

Split dump pipe

Waste gate cheap boost bleader.

3" exhaust

Hi flow cat

Cheap drift brand 100mm pod filter..

thats bout it :D

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Thats an awesome result man, on just 8psi.

What do you use the car for? Like do you use it on a track or anything or just as daily/weekend driver? I gues it depends what you use the car for and what you want it to do, thats probably the best way to work out what you need/want to get next.,

How about some suspension and get it handling good, so you can make some good use of that 215kw! :D always a good modification!



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What mods next?

i don't understand.

your car is what you want, so what do you want out of it?

more power? better handling? better fuel consumption? traction? drifing work? ICE? autosalon styling?

don't just do something cause someone tells u.. do it cause its what YOU want.........

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post-27527-1185003783_thumb.jpgDyno sheet;

Wow - dyno's aren't hard to cheat did he have a full weather station to enter proper baro, humidity and inlet temps? Did he strap it to the dyno - what gear did he run it in ect etc - 211rwkw on 8Psi = bullshit. f**k me forums are full of shite just read the rb30/26 or 26 hydrid pages spoolup hit it on the head the amount of horse power some people are caliming is absolute crap. All this claimed power should be compaired on the same dyno the same day just to put the bullshitters to bed - the problem is they never seem to appear!!! How funny!!

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Man, the B######T you are goin on about is un called for :D

Just because a few people have the tendancy to bullshit about supposed dyno results

doe's not mean you need to categorise the honest people on this forum.

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well not that its reveal its a 25t neo that changes things a bit

the figure is probably normal ish and seems ok

i guess most people thought it was the stock rb20

i wonder what diff gears you have

what rpm are you at when doing 100km in 5th

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It sits on bout 2900 at 100k.

Put the r33 s2 diff in a couple of weeks ago 4.11:1. Alot more drivable compared to the auto diff that was in it!

And its a mx71 vl turbo box. :D

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