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Initialdrift Drift Day At Oran Park Skidpan - Sunday 5th Of August


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D-Day Practice, Oran Park Skidpan - 5th August 2007

InitialDrift is holding a drift day at Oran Park's enormous (over 400m long) skidpan. A great opportunity to practice skills for the main circuit in a low-impact environment, or for beginners to make their debut.

Two different layouts will be running simultaneously with cars constantly being sent on runs. There's no groups or sessions. All you need to do is queue up and run when you feel like it on whichever course you like.

The courses will include a fishtail practice and wide-diameter donut course, as well as a multiple corner cone course on the main skidpan, the layout of which will be changed throughout the day.

Want to see a map? CLICK HERE!

    If you've been wanting to try out drifting, this is the time to do it. There's only one car at a time on each layout, and plenty of run-off in every direction. First and second gear are all you will need for most of the day. The track will be dry all day, but since the surface of the pan is dusty concrete, you won't have much trouble getting a car sliding. Trust us, it's almost useless to drift in the wet. A few pairs of cheapie second hand tires should keep you going for quite a while, but bring as many as you can.The best part is, unlike most InitialDrift events, you don't need to hold a CAMS licence or any club membership to drive this day You don't even need a driver's licence or car registration. All you need to do is pay $25 extra for a day licence, and you're set.
    This is the place to practice your low-speed technical drift. We'll be using two different cone layouts for everyone to get their fundamental skills up a bit. The manji (fishtail) and wide donut layout were quite popular last time, and in the afternoon, we change the layout of the skidpan to include a longer entry and large, sweeping corner.
  • YOUR CAR WILL NEED TO PASS SCRUTINEERING - Working seatbelts or valid harnesses, properly installed seats, working brakelights and no leaks are the basics. Any questions, please ask.
  • YOU WILL NEED AN AS1698 (that little red and silver sticker) APPROVED HELMET, LONG SLEEVES, PANTS AND CLOSED SHOES - We won't be using the helmets for the slower layouts, but one will be needed for the afternoon session due to the higher speeds.
  • A free sausage sizzle and drink will be provided for all drivers who enter.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: --> Click here to read.


Initial Drift Club Member: $90

Non-member/Associate member: $110

Day Licence: $25

Yearly Initial Drift Membership: $170 for the first year. Includes t-shirt, stickers, membership card and discounts on track day prices and free gate entry to most events. Available on the day. Get this if you intend to do a lot of track days. Renewal is $120 per year.

Yearly Associate Membership: $50 per year. Gives you membership in a CAMS affiliated club and the ability to hold a CAMS L2NS licence, which is required for most of our events. No other benefits. Available on the day. Get this if you only intend to do a few days. You can upgrade at any time to a full membership

CAMS L2NS licence: $48 Available on the day. Payable on the day.

NOTE: The CAMS licence is a once-yearly payment. After applying for one, you will eventually receive a licence in the mail that can be used at all of our events for one year. If you signed up for one last time and have not yet received it, please bring the tear-off bit you received.

Here's how to work out how much it costs for you:

If you've never drifted before, for entry and a day licence, it's $135

If you're an Initial Drift member with a CAMS licence, it's $90

If you're not an Initial Drift member, but have a CAMS licence, it's $110

If you're an Initial Drift Associate Member with a CAMS licence, it's $110

If you want to join with a yearly Associate Membership and CAMS licence it's $110 + $50 +$48 = $208

If you want to join with a yearly Full Membership and CAMS licence, it's $90 + $170 +$48 = $308


SIGN ON: 8:00AM - 9:15AM




LUNCH BREAK: 12:30PM - 1:00PM


  • Download the ENTRY FORM <-- Click Link To Open. (Not working? Download the latest Adobe Reader HERE)
  • Read it and fill it out.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click the button to email the form to us.
  • Deposit your money into the bank account on the entry form (by direct deposit either on the internet or at your bank), and make sure you put the remitter name as your name, and put SKIDPAN or something similar as the description. This will secure your spot. All you have to do then is turn up.


Entries can be made on the morning, but prepayments are preferred.

- Alexi, Pete & James

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how often do you do these particular days, just don't think i'll have a 2way in by next weekend

Our next skidpan day is not until the 7th of October, but it will be pretty much the same format as the one we're running next weekend.

Anyone is welcome to come out and spectate as well!

All of the other InitialDrift track dates for the rest of the year can be found HERE.

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