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Hi, I just signed up recently to this forum to learn more about Skylines. I have a GTR32, live in Toronto, Canada and the gtrcanada.com site here is a great site, but does not compare to the wealth of information that you guys have. With that said, sau's name is all over gtrcanada.com, so I would like to ask some questions about suspension.

My control arms are done (I assume that means just the bushings and the actual metal is not bent).

My ball joints are done.

My car came with lowering springs on it when I got it.

Now, in the past with other cars that I have had and modified, my 1995 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe for example I had put lowering springs on, and it never felt like the alignment was right, something would always go on it. Ball joint control arms, something. So I don't want to now just keep replacing the parts every year, I want to do it properly.

So, the question is, what after market parts are available to our cars for suspension that could help me get things set up properly and so I don't have to worry about it year after year. I am extremely hard on my car...that's what I bought it for. I love to drive and don't mind a stiff suspension at all.

When I ask about after market parts, I mean like control arms, tie rods obviously coilovers...I know I could end up spending a small fortune here, and of course I don't want too, but I am willing to spend a bit to have this done properly.

Thanks for any time you can spend with me on this, it will be most appreciative.

Kirk Bryan

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yeah. lower is not always better. but lucky itsa skyline cos everything is avalable as a "bolt on" part. ie if a arm f**ks out. put an adjustable one in. works out cheaper cos no labour to r and r the bushes.

as far as ball joints go. if its the front lower ones. nissan is the only option. usually the front hub/knuckle/kingpin thing comes loose and isa mistaken for a ball joint. theres a 22 or 7/8 nut that you need to tighten. its located at the base of the upright. (the bit that turnes)

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