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Trust Fmic M Spec R34

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Hey guys,

I need .. a FMIC Ive looked at a few and by far the cheapest option is the M spec for the R34. However on the greddy website it only lists it for the R33 but most shops sell them for r33 and r34? http://www.trust-power.com/overseas/englis..._Cooling/021803

On nengun Ive picked up this puppy


And wanted to know if anyone thinks it will be a direct fit to the r34?

Ive looked at ARC and also at Blitz LM this is by far the cheapest option I feel.

If anyone can help please do!

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No it runs back under the cooler not over the engine .. Thats why its legal .. running it through over the engine is illegal because of the cutting.

Ive found out the 33 and 34 front mounts are different with different codes so guess they have to be .. CHeers

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Yeah Im chasing something like this


Seems greddy is cheaper at 790ish and blitz is $1500 :D

cause the blitz cooler is not even comparable in quality to the GREDDY spec-m.

The blitz is equivalent to the spec-r GREDDY. The blitz is a far better cooler kit.... and could be got from any autobarn for $1500... mind you the spec-m's are 599 or 649 at autobarn too atm. Cant remmeber what i set them at :(

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