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Internet Filtering


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Go to whirlpool internet forums, theres usually a new story on the topic almost every week.

The last one I checked out was this: Link

"The next few days will see the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy sign agreements with some of the internet service providers (ISP) who submitted applications to be a part of the ISP-level objectionable content filtering trial."

"Other ISPs who put in expressions of interest for the filter included Optus, Exetel, iPrimus and Unwired."

So far no big loss for me, as all those ISPs mentioned are all pretty p2p unfriendly to begin with...

Also there is a long thread on the topic of filtering of p2p on the whirlpool forums Link

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So which ISP's are providing info as to who of their users are using P2P?

That link above from r33 dude would require 5 working days and my whole month internet limit to go through it :-) lots of info though thats for sure.

So what companies are reporting?

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The legal notices have been around for a while. They are sent from mostly US organisations who get your IP address from public torrent trackers, who then forward on an abuse email to your ISP based upon the whois info of your IP, who in turn, then forward it on to you...

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+ 1 to what omega36 said.

Pretty sure most (if not all, one of the reasons where iinet was sued by the AFACT was that they didn't forward these emails to their clients & hence they are "supporting" pirating bla bla bla) ISPs will forward the infringement email to you (seems to me that its ALWAYS send from the lobby groups from somewhere in Uncle Sam), but what they do afterwards depends on the ISP themselves.

For example, I've being with TPG since the days of my 1st "broad band" plan of 256kpbs & so far I have received 2 complain letters from lobby groups in US (one from MPAA the other from BSA), TPG forward the email & mentioned that continuous use of TPG net in this manner "may" result in suspension or termination of service. But by the time I had noticed that I got a email in my mail box, my download was long finished & I had stopped it anyway.

& so far TPG hasn't really done anything else other than just forwarding the complain letter.

Some other ISPs however are more tough on the whole issue, the 2 that comes to mind are Optus & Extel, they both have a 3 strike policy (reminds me of the 3 strike rule for hoon laws... :sick:) where according to their terms & conditions if you get too many complain letters (3 of them in a certain peroid of time) you WILL get terminated.

Out of those 2, extel also shapes p2p traffic, & hence pretty much making their massive download quota next to useless.

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  • 2 weeks later...

6 ISPs has being chosen to participate in the up coming live filter trials (link)

"THE federal Government's controversial live ISP filtering trial will finally kick-off with six internet service providers chosen to participate.

Primus Telecommunications, Tech 2U, Webshield, OMNIconnect, Netforce and Highway 1 have been selected.

The live tests will last for a minimum of six weeks and the ISPs' customers have the option of taking part in the trial. "

While Optus & iinet who has also shown interest in taking part in the trials have being given the kick...

Don't know about you guys, but besides Primus, I haven't even heard of the others... which is good I guess, means not many main stream people on the mainstream ISPs will be affected by this filter crap. There was also no mention of p2p anymore in the article, just the URL list of 1300 to 10,000 sites to be blocked.

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Ive been with TPG for quite a few years now, in that time they have sent atleast half a dozen warnings via email, all of which stated continuous use of this manner would result in suspension or termination, but i still havn't had anything more come from it other then the emails.

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Compulsury Internet Filtering is a load of crap. It will put Australia up there with trendsetters such as China and Burma.

If you WANT filtered internet access (I could understand it having to be offered, or compulsury for schools), there are companies that offer it already...

Edited by ebola
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  • 2 weeks later...

Latest news (link)

"Web censorship plan heads towards a dead end"

"The Government's plan to introduce mandatory internet censorship has effectively been scuttled, following an independent senator's decision to join the Greens and Opposition in blocking any legislation required to get the scheme started."

Hopefully this will finally kill any remaining retarded ideas that Conroy have about filtering the net...

Edited by Mayuri Krab
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yep, filtering the net by the government would be totally fked and absolutely open to abuse by the government of the day. we don't want to end up like china or (lol) nth korea....

all I can say is thank jeebus i'm with iinet. never seem to have any problem with their service. :D

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  • 4 weeks later...

Latest news from whirlpool (link):

"Conroy dumped as minister for broadband

Today, 8:30 am

Staff writers

Senator Stephen Conroy has been sacked as Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

Conroy has come under increasing fire in recent weeks as the figurehead for the government's ISP level filtering plan and the national broadband network (NBN).

The Prime Minister remained tight lipped when questioned about the reasons for Conroy's departure. "Senator Conroy did a commendable job over the past 14 months, but it's time for a change of direction", he said.

The move leaves the government's unpopular ISP filtering plan up in the air. Conroy had recently appeared on both the ABC and SBS to champion the policy, where he met significant opposition from panellists and the studio audience.

Continual delays with the NBN tender and the exclusion of Telstra from the plan have been cited by analysts as key reasons for why Conroy has been dumped. Earlier this year, the Senator was found by a Whirlpool survey to be a less effective communications minister than his Liberal predecessors.

Conroy has been in the post since Labor took government in 2007, and was previously the Shadow Minister for Trade, Corporate Governance and Financial Services.

Analysts suggest that next week's NBN announcement is likely to go ahead as planned, and a replacement minister will be appointed before then."

Hopefully this isn't a April fool's joke & that retard is indeed gone. Lets hope the new guy appointed will at least have 1/2 an idea of the internet & network principles.

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Hopefully this isn't a April fool's joke & that retard is indeed gone. Lets hope the new guy appointed will at least have 1/2 an idea of the internet & network principles.
:sick: ...it is
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