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Was browsing import monstor and came across this:


I have no idea if the actual pod filter is any good, but does anyone know if the kit definitely fits the m35 without much hassle? It's 12.30am and I cbf going outside to look at my engine but from memory mine is a bit different... But that could just be the missing airbox :)

If there is a good chance that this is an easy install and the filter sucks, how hard is it to throw a decent pod onto the end. I am only considering this because tbh, it looks good but if I did go down this path I'd need to install some kind of "shield" to stop it sucking in warm air, correct?

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As Scotty said, the piping for the kit definitely will not fit.

The intake for the NA VQ engines goes straight up the right of the engine and in the top-right of the plenum.

On the turbo VQ, the intake goes up the left side, snakes its way down to the turbo, goes around the front of the car, through the intercooler and up the right side of the engine to the top-left side of the (very different) plenum.

If you want a pod "kit", have a look into the Blitz SUS Power or the Blitz Sonic Power (which a forum member has but not installed).

Both pod kits can be found on Yahoo Auctions (Import Monster, Nengun Auctions or BidJDM (RHD's auction site)

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Aha! I knew my engine looked different.

I don't know if I want a pod filter yet, just looking around :thumbsup: I'll have a look into those two. At this stage I am leaning towards everything *looking* stock but still want to investigate all my options.


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