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  1. Depends what needs to be done. I'd personally go with VQ35 crank, cams and forged rods into a VQ25det, making it effectively a 2.8L with 8.8 compression. There are no VQ25det "kits" that I am aware of although there is a mob (Takumi Autoworks) in the UK which are putting a kit together.
  2. Still have people staring at my car every day, sometimes getting a nod or a thumbs-up. Never gets old, even after all these years and kms.
  3. V35 dash mate is a direct fit, just make sure you are getting the version which includes 2005 (series 2). Aliexpress have a variety of them and they reasonably well (double sided tape recommended)
  4. For reference, I'm in VIC. Interstate is not an issue.
  5. Do not buy an M35 if you want to tow. There are options from Japan, but they are rated to massive total of 450kg. Again, do not buy an M35 if you want to tow, they just are not built for it.
  6. Might sound silly, but check all of your earthing points (and maybe add a few). The earthing points on M35's are really poor and can cause some odd characteristics.
  7. Yes, I had Iron Chef import my PNM35 9 years ago. He is fantastic to deal with. Plenty of pics and has guys at the auctions who can check on the condition of the vehicle. Pricing is also excellent. Reference, my PNM35 came with 53,000kms on the clock and they were absolutely legit based on the condition of the car which I still daily (270,000kms), still performing well and still getting plenty of looks, comments and conversations. I think it ended up around $16k when all was said and done. Highly recommended.
  8. FM range expander can be had for around $30 and will allow you to pick up the FM stations in Australia once wired in. The frequency will not match on the display though.
  9. I'll second the quality of the TBAP unit. Quite nice.
  10. Funny thing, I need to replace my shagged out Bilsteins and was considering the same thing (idea provided by my pestering young fella a couple of weeks ago to do it). Snow mode works pretty well in mud although it is no serious 4WD, but with decent knobbly tyres would perform admirably considering it is a highway cruiser. Haven't taken the plunge yet but I think you'll have to go higher than ARX springs. On another note, what is your towbar rated at and is it custom or an "off the shelf" item over there?
  11. Not necessary, but you'll need to block off the hole in the intake.
  12. Top 5? 1. Buy a PNM35 (3.5L) Seriously. For the VQ25det? 1. turbo back exhaust 2. plenum spacer 3. Intercooler 4. Intake filter (or full intake preferably) 5. Ecu flash
  13. Got a mate selling his HKS turbo kit with Stillen exhaust which should bolt up on a PM35. Nowhere near $10k. VQ25det plenum has very small runner holes compared to the VQ35. Not even close to matching up.
  14. It really isn't. Uses all the same screws and holes.
  15. Need lights, bumper, grill, bonnet. It all bolts in. I put an Axis S front on my old 250t years ago.
  16. Agree, nice to see another M35 going in for a facelift. Which bumper are you going with?
  17. Having shipped a grill previously, it isn't overly expensive due to the lack of weight.
  18. I'd say so. Won't fit either Axis though, only RX and ARX. Is it Dolphin?
  19. Series 2 grill is not as wide as the series 1 grill due to the larger headlights and the bottom section is lower into the bumper (I presume to make up for being narrower). Just went out to look at mine and it does look more like a series 2 (PM35) grill to me, but can't be 100% certain going off pics.
  20. Not that I need it, but are you saying that this is for PM35's and not NM35's?
  21. Right, so it seems that I have become a bit of a magnet down here in Langwarrin for spotting Stagea's (in particular M35's). In the past 5 days: - Black NM35 parked on the nature strip outside a house in Pakenham (seen often) - Silver NM35 ARX followed me up Union Rd the other day - Gold NM35 with 350z wheels and Brembo's which I parked next to at Harvey Norman in Frankston. Not to mention the four or five C34's I have seen in the past week. Guess this can happen when you move from a Rural area back to suburbia...
  22. iamhe77

    NM35 undertray

    Pretty sure that a G35x undertray will fit straight up.
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