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R32 Gtr 1/1990 In Silver

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Here we have a Silver 1990 R32 GTR that we bought into the country in May 2005 for my brother who used to live in Sydney ( but now back in Brissy ) and was used as his daily driver. Was stock standard before the list below . Currently registed , and has travelled 123 884 klms. Car is on the southside of Brisbane .

Selling due to purchase of property . Call Brad on 0414 645 755

$17 000.00

Mar-2009 Left front inner and outer CV joints

07-Dec-2008 New Head Unit - Pioneer DEH-2050MPG Detachable CD(MP3) Tuner

08-Aug-2007 Battery - RC95 2501 ColdCrankingAmps=520

04-Apr-2007 New Torque Split Controller - R32 GT-R

10-Mar-2007 Installed a standalone cut-off which will disengaged the air con compressor at 4100rpm

10-Mar-2007 Starter Motor - Nissan Skyline R32

05-Jan-2007 Exhaust Noise Test - 87.5dB@4000RPM (below 90dB is legal)

24-Dec-2006 Rust Removal

21-Nov-2006 New Clutch - Heavy Duty

21-Nov-2006 Master Brake Cylinder

17-Nov-2006 New Boost Controller - TurboSmart Turbo E-Boost 2

06-Nov-2006 Turbos - 2x N1 R33

02-Nov-2006 Engine Mount & Front/Rear Seals

30-Oct-2006 Crankshaft

30-Oct-2006 Sump

07-Jul-2006 Cruise Control - AP500 Electric Standard Throttle

07-Jul-2006 Cruise Control - Clutch switch

07-Jul-2006 Cruise Control - CM7 Backlit Control Pad

27-Jun-2006 New Floor Mats - Genuine Nismo R32 Skyline

25-May-2006 New Shift Knob - NISMO Leather Gear

21-Apr-2006 ECU - Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R VSPEC

13-Apr-2006 New Air Conditioner Compressor

23-Dec-2005 New Air Flow Metres - Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R (x2)

10-Dec-2005 New Amplifier - Clarion APA250 50w x 2-Channel

10-Dec-2005 New Speakers - Boston Acoustics FS50 5" 2-way 150w Component System

10-Dec-2005 New Subwoofer - Sony XSL122P5 12" 1300w

10-Dec-2005 New Subwoofer Box - Black 12" DNA

08-Dec-2005 New GT-R Badge

28-Nov-2005 New Nissan Skyline GT-R Ignition Key

28-Nov-2005 Centre Dash Vent - GT-R R32

02-Sep-2005 New Ignition Coils - SplitFire Super Direct (x6)

27-Jul-2005 Window Tinting

13-Jul-2005 Central Locking

13-Jul-2005 Immobiliser - Mongoose M80i Remote Controlled Triple Circuit

13-Jul-2005 New Turbo Timer - Blitz Automatic / Manual / Boost

13-Jul-2005 Amplifier - Sony Xplod XM574SX 75w x 4-Channel Mosfet

13-Jul-2005 Speakers - Boston Acoustics FS60 6" 2-way 150w Component System

post-5226-1249385473_thumb.jpg post-5226-1249385547_thumb.jpg post-5226-1249385574_thumb.jpg post-5226-1249385628_thumb.jpg post-5226-1249385681_thumb.jpg post-5226-1249385718_thumb.jpg post-5226-1249385383_thumb.jpg post-5226-1249385874_thumb.jpg

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