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What Sort Of Symptoms You Get With Dodgy Coilpacks?


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Was just keen to kow what sort of things happen when you have a dodgy coilpack?

I have been having issues with my RB20 causing it to run very rich and rough and took me a week to diagnose the issue after numerous starts, in this time I replaced a few coils with S/H items and I replaced my spark plugs and removed my cam angle sensor and re-installed it into a position I beleived was correct but really needs checking properly...

I found the that was causing it to run rich and fixed it (IC pipe fell off) and took the car for a drive to get some food..

Found that the car doesnt seem to pull as hard, just seems a bit flat and also whilst sitting in the drivethrough it had a slight miss at idle, very intermitant.

so driving the car home I loaded it up in top gear and it didnt miss, i droped it back to second and nailed it to 6K then backed off, then let it run down to a lower rpm then boosted back up to 6K a couple of times too try and get it to fault.. Its fine, just seems a bit slower than usual.

once I came home sitting in the driveway the miss stopped and was idling smooth, I am going to see how it goes driving to work tomorrow but do you think I may have a iffy coilpack or perhaps I may of fouled the plugs up when it was running rich as a bitch. It did not have a miss previous to the IC pipe coming off, was thinking either its because I am running NGK copper plugs instead of platinums or a coil. Being sluggish I imagine its the ign timing but wasnt sure if a coil could cause this as well

what do you guys think

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you removed the CAS then installed in in a "position you think is correct"?

i'd say that is where your problem lies. you probably have set the timing a bit more retarded than what it was. get yourself a timing light and check it.

if your coilpacks or plugs were shot it would missfire under load

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