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Water Meth Injection

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I've got a Snow Performance stage 3 WMI kit which I'm about to install.

Just want to know what nozzle size you are running with, the 375 or the 625?

Gts2.5t with +300rwkw.

The chart says that the 375 will do it, but I could be breaking into the 625 so wanted to see what others were doing?

Or do I have to suck and see?

Also what fuel do you use [not interested in brand, RON] 91, 95, 98. given that WM gives around 20 points, is there any use in running on 95 for a road car, is the motor capable of running OK on 91 when its not on boost [sounds logical to me, but i wouldn't be asking if I didn't already know].

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