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Steering Wheel Down To Left Occasionally, Usually Straight :-(

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Hi guys

Just have a question and hopefully i can get some assistance with this

i Have a 1993 r32 GTST

Sometimes when i am driving my steering wheel goes down to the left, i have had a wheel alignment and the steering wheel is usually straight, its just sometimes it goes down to the left if i put my foot down a little. i know that its not the wheels spinning because even when i slow down it will still do this and eventually correct itself.

I am wondering whether it could have something to do with the hi-cas, however the light doesn't come on when this happens and i have seen the light come on before so i know it works, not sure about properly due to this thou

If someone has any ideas please let me know


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are you noticing any vibrations in the steering wheel at speed?

does the steering wheel dip at different speeds or always at the same speeds

you may have to get the wheels balanced in addition to a full thrust (front & rear) wheel alignment

you might also have to change the tie rod ends on your suspension if the rubber bushes are worn out

I had a similar issue on the highway when I had my old r34, when I would hit 110km/h the steering wheel would slowly pull right then when I slowed down it would correct itself

turned out i needed new tie rod ends on the front, and then a wheel balance and alignment and the problem went away

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