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Wrecking Complied R33 S2 Including Good Complaince

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Hey guys i am currently wrecking an R33 S2 in silver. I have pretty much all the parts from the car, as can be seen from the photos there are many parts which were destroyed but if you see something you like let me know and i can get more pics and let you know a price.

- Bare Shell with good Compliance not on the Register as Written Off $1000

- Twin exhaust pipe complete $400

- Boot lid in Perfect nick painted silver with Genuine GTR Wing $450

- Drivers Side switch panel in good condition believe it or not $120

- Full Airbag setup including drivers, passenger, crash pad, clock spring, control module $1000

- Series 2 Boot Trim complete and in great condition $140

- Full Lock set including ignition, door locks, boot lock and key $150

- Front brake setup with calipers, pads (pretty sure EBC green stuff) rotors etc $350

- Engine Package including turbo, wiring, loom, ecu $2200

- Auto Gearbox $200

- Passenger side mspec skirt slight damage $75

- Turbo Auto diff (good ratio) $400

- Rear brake setup $250

- Tein HA height and dampner adjustable coilovers $750 for full set

If you see any other parts you think you may want let me know and i can arrange photos for you no probs, Alos have a few other cars im wrecking so let me know if there is anything specific you need as i might be able to get hold if it for you.

All prices are negotiable and parts are located in Campbellfield, Victoria

Cheers Luke






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Still cant do PM's. Yeah i want Mainly The Hub with the studs and the part it presses on to (I believe the stub axle) where all the lower and upper control arms join to as well as the Hicas joins to. But that is it.. No Brakes, No Control Arms, No Dog Shaft. So at least you can still sell the Brakes..

Cheers Marco

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