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Alcon 4 Piston Brake Setup Suit R32 Gtr

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t=239517:18072009006.jpg]post-61423-1249980842_thumb.jpgpost-61423-1249980976_thumb.jpgpost-61423-1249981064_thumb.jpgpost-61423-1249981147_thumb.jpgpost-61423-1249981223_thumb.jpgFor sale, Alcon 4 piston and 320mm rotor brake setup for R32 GTR,

Thick long endurance pads with plenty of pad left, high heat pads.

Rotors, 2 peice slotted rotors, 320mm diameter, 36mm thick curved ventilated rotors. Cleared 16inch enkeis, but not sure whether they would clear std R32 GTR wheels(caliper clearence) Could probably modify to fit bigger rotors on if you required

Come complete with rotors, calipers, pads, braided brake lines and the spacers, just bolt on and go.

All setup to suit R32 GTR, one small modification needed to hub assembly to put on.

Awesome brake upgrade, would suit targa/ track days etc, worked very well on my car

Call me or pm if you wish to discuss 0438911374

Oh yeah they can be yours for $2000



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Will consider a layby sorta setup if anyone is keen but dont have the cash straight up, i did it with my turbos for a member of SAU as he couldnt come up with the money all at once. He payed them off over 4 weeks and i sent the turbos to him when he had finished paying them off.

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