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Hey all

Have the following items for sale

They are taking up alot of room and parents have lost the plot so need Everything gone...open to all reasonable offers

R33 S2 Front seats

Passenger side is immaculate, driver is worn on the part where u get in and out


RB20/25 High Mount manifold

38mm Wastegate Flange

Was fitted to my car previously

Has been ceramic coated in black


JJR 38mm Wastegate

In great condition, was also previously fitted to my car, never missed a beat

Had a new diaphram put in December, hasnt been used since January

Also has a 10Psi Spring


RB20/25 Adjustable Cam gear


R33 S2 Standard rear spoiler

good condition

KR4 Silver


RB25 Camshafts

Both inlet and Exhuast side

Inlet retains VCT

Im not sure on the brand, but previous owner stated that they were 265's with 10.5mm lift, not too sure maybe someone can correct me

They are in good condition


Genuin Garrett GT35R

.63 rear housing

Has a 90 Degree elbow on it

In great condition

But needs a New Rear Wheel


R33 S2 Standard front shocks and springs

Ok Condition

$20 or ill throw them out

Im open to reasonable offers, really need all this stuff gone

I have no use for it and rather someone use it all.......

Pics will be up Tomorow night

Please dont hesitate in Pm'ing me or posting in here


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