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Sr20det 180sx


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hey guys & girls

i been doing a bit of research into what i should be looking at for my 180sx head

i want to be able to drive on the street but then use it at the AHG skid pan and sprit track

i want to get around 350 Hp would be nice, maybe a little lower to have good response

atm i got :

micro tech ecu

GT25R turbo

AVC-R Boost controller

After market intercooler (think its hybrid)

3" exhaust cat and cannon

Adj coil overs and shocks (unsure what brand)

Upgraded front Brakes Slotted from r32

Bosch indiviual coil packs

walbro 250L/h pump

malpassi fuel pressure reg

550cc injector (think they are sard)

think that is about maybe some other little things

The head system i was looking at getting is as follows:

Tomei type B springs -double spring

- with retainers

- with spring sheet all for $820

Tomei Pro cams IN & EX 260 12mm lift

With 2 x adj cam gears all for $940

Tomei Rocker arm stoppers $80

Tomei Solid Pivot set -solid pivots x8

-test shims x4(2.7)

-test guide x4(2.8) $354

Tomei Valve guides full set x 16 $320

Total $2514

I know i will probably need new valves and get everything polished

and a new head gasket. probably a metal 1.2 or 1.4mm

just need some help with if this would be any good for street/track use

I don't know too much about cams and that..

just getting some advice

thanks everyone...

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Na i haven't posted on silvia WA there are alot of posts about this sorta thing on there, so i thought i would get a different view on it...

GWP021: Man i owe you like 100 buks, and my clunker will give yours a good run... :cool:

just wait i will be beating you at AHG soon enough hehehehehe....

NIB: k thanks man just trying to get different views...

I need to go talk to "tim" he is a SR20 specilist Owns Sik em wrex racing see what he thinks...

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