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180sx Sprint/Time Attack/Hill Climb Car

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Selling this to get my new race car build done quicker.

Car was serviced with new oils and filters recently in preparation for 2024 events.
Car has done the following lap times

Queensland Raceway:
National 1:19.44
Switchback 1:12.29
Sprint 56.20
Clubman 58.93

Sportsman 56.61


Morgan Park:
E layout 1:07.93
K Layout 1:23.5

Noosa Hill climb

Nissan 180sx Race Car 
Track only 

Seam welded 
Kelway tubs 
Kmak Rocket Bunny Front bar 
Kmak Rocket Bunny Rear bar 
Kmak Rocket Bunny Side Skirts 
Kmak 25mm non vented front guards 
Front and rear tow points 
Custom blue paint 
engine bay & interior satin white  
Built by Mister V8 
Spool Rods 
Balanced grub screwed crank 
Kelford 188A Cams 
Light port work 
Valve springs and retainers 
ATI Balancer 
Boosted 5047 Turbo (GTX2867) 
Turbosmart IWG75 
Turbosmart 38mm Blow off valve 
3 inch exhaust 
50 ignite trigger kit 
R35 Coil Packs 
1450cc injectors 
460lph TI Automotive Pump 
450x300 intercooler 
42mm Fenix alloy radiator 
16 inch Maradyne fan 
LS1 alternator 
25 row oil cooler 
Relocated power steering pump 
ALL pressure lines Braided Teflon 
Custom catch can and lines 

Link G4+ Plugin 
Tech edge wideband 
Oil and fuel pressure sensors 
Oil temp sensor 
Ethanol sensor for content & temp 
3 port boost solenoid 
PowerTune Digital Display 

Gearbox and Diff: 
S14 5 speed 
NPC sr to rb clutch kit 
1.5 way diff 4.3 ratio 
5 bolt axels 
Brakes and Suspension: 
MCA Red coilovers 
Whiteline sway bars front & Rear 
Gktech Castor arms 
Kazama rear Camber arms 
Kazama rear Toe arms 
Kazama rear Traction arms 
s15 front knuckles modified 
5 stud rear 
GKTech Kit reinforced LCA and Castor boxes 
R33 Calipers & Discs (rebuilt 2023)
BM57 Master cylinder (New 2023)
GKTech brake line kit 
Rebuilt s14 steering rack 
DBA 4000 series Rotors 
Project Mu RC09 Brake Pads 
Koya 17x9 +35 
Nankang CR-S 255/40/17 USED
AGI Half Cage 2019 Spec 
Factory Dash, Centre console and door trims 
Cobra Suzuka seat (2010 Date) 
MVP 6 point Harness  
Factory passenger seat & belt 
Fire Extinguisher 
Battery Cut off switch 


Located Ipswich, QLD

SAU price
$28000 as is or can be cheaper with certain parts removed

ALL stickers will be removed upon sale
















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