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Is It Safe To Wind Up Boost To 10psi With Just A Remap?

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hi,i want to wind the boost up in my R-33 gts-t to 10psi and keep the factory intercooler as they are a cop magnet in my town and are forever picking on import owners.

would it be safe to run 10psi with just a remap without the after market front mount or would it cause a problem?

any info would help alot.

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my mate went to the dyno & tune place for me which is in the next town as he was heading that way and asked how much a remap would be for the skyline along with the 10psi and the guy said you dont need a remap just to put it to 10psi but more than 13psi would need one as the stock ecu would play up and i would need a better turbo because it will put alot of stress on the factory turbo and may cause a fin to break.

so according to him it will be fine as long as i dont go over 10.

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He is right, you can usually see a couple more psi out of factory turbo and intake/exhaust setups as they are usually set conservatively. Anymore than that and you're pushing it. This said, some people report their cars running worse after increasing boost without intercooler modifications. Make sure you use a good boost controller / bleed valve. Turbotech have a nice cheap one that is very reliable.

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