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Cam Gear Alignment On Cams?


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Hello people.

I am returning my motor back to standard and putting a standard head back on. I bought the complete head including cams etc....

Problem i have is that i dont know how to position the CAS onto the cam as the cam is not keyed...... in past i have just slotted the CAS on as it can only be position one way due the the keyway.

Has anyone seen this before? How can i safely position the CAS without risk of smashing more valve?


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The CAS will not have any influence on whether or not you mash valves. The CAS creates signals for the ECU to control injection and ignition sequencing.

To install the CAS on a cam where the key has broken off, you should be able to see where the key broke away from, then visualise where to position the CAS so it would line up if the key were still in the cam. The only downside to incorrect installation of the CAS is that the engine probably won't start.

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