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After parting out my Supercharged 350Z I narrowed down my search for a new car to 2 cars. A Maserati Gran Sport & a R34 GTR.

After a few test drives in a Gran Sport I decided that it wasn't for me, It drove nicely, handled well & sounded insane - but it was a bit too old man for my liking. Besides, I had wanted a GTR since I was a kid :D

I contacted a UK import company that had imported for a few friends before & we discussed my requirements.

  • White, Bayside or Black cars only
  • As stock as possible - no cages, ECU's or turbo upgrades
  • Less than 100K Km

After around a week of searching, my new R34 was found!


It was pretty much standard. The only mods were an Apexi exhaust & downpipe, white Nismo dials & Carbon Superior leather seat covers. The car had done around 110K KM but it had a full Japanese history book with it.

10 weeks later & it had arrived in the UK & was read to be collected.

Once it arrived in the UK, it was undersealed, an alarm/immobilizer was fitted & the wheels were refurbished in gloss black.



The first thing that I did was install the Pioneer head unit that I removed from my 350Z. The previous owner in Japan had removed it before auction - I had a 5 hour drive home with no music :dry:


I also installed a HKS turbo timer, because I'm lazy :P

I also had a few other parts off my Z that I wanted to install, the main ones were Bride Cuga seats. Unfortunatley, I needed the HL models for the GTR and the Z used the regular models so the rails wouldn't line up :(

Next I installed an Apexi filter kit, Baffled twin turbo pipe & the ARC oil & radiator caps also removed from my Z


Then I installed a HKS SSQV, polished fuse box cover, Nismo floor mats & a HKS gear knob


I also installed my HKS AFK V2 that was also removed from my Z :rolleyes:


I then got the car serviced. All fluids were changed along with the timing belt.

At this point I needed some new tyres & since I was planning on upgrading the wheels to 19s I decided to do that instead of just replacing my tyres :whistling: In hindsight, this was a mistake :(

I decided to go for 19x11 ET25 Volk Re30s after I was offered them at a cheap price. I had always planned for RE30s to be fitted, just not this wide. After mounting the tyres, I fitted them & they were rubbing against the suspension arms. Some 10MM spacers later & they were on :)


Over the winter I spent the money I had saved for parts on the following

Nismo S-Tune suspension

KTS Inter cooler hard pipe kit

HKS SPF intakes & hard pipes

Mac Audio Speakers

ARC Oil catch can

HKS Engine plaque

Carbon lip & diffuser

Tomei Ti Expreme exahsut

Decat pipe

HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller

Nismo smoked front & side indicators





I also fitted some footwell lighting - Not everyone will like it, but I do :P


After Christmas it was time to fit my suspension. Started with the rears, got the first shock in place & put the wheel back on but the Nismos are a bit thicker than stock & the wheel would not fit. Even with a 10mm spacer it still wouldn't fit :(

It was either change the coilovers to something a bit slimmer or change the wheels to something a bit narrower.

I chose to change the wheels & I went for a set of Varrstoen ES2.2.2. 19x9.5 ET12 with 10mm spacers to give me ET2. I also had them painted in midnight purple



Once they arrived, I got some new tyres mounted & fitted my Nismos



Then got my Tomei exhaust & decat fitted




Thats pretty much my first year of ownership.

As soon as I can shift the RE30s & a few other unwanted parts then I can start looking at my next batch of upgrades.

Next on my list is

  • HKS 272 Cams
  • Sard 800CC injectors
  • HKS 2860-5 turbos
  • Tomei fuel pump
  • Maf delete pipes

I also have a set of replica Nismo skirts & spats that I need painting & fitted, I also have a HKS Fcon Vpro Gold ready for fitting once I can afford the above bits

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  • 2 months later...

Finally got my car back today after its 10 week holiday to 360 Motorsport.

It originally only went in to have an oil leak checked over but ended up having a few more bits done :whistling:

* Nismo Coilovers were replaced with HSD coilovers

* Cusco rear camber arms fitted

* Attain Hicas lock out bar fitted

* Spare rocker covers painted in HOK Wild Cherry with HOK cobalt blue base coat

* ARC Catch can had an 2 AN fittings welded onto it, rocker covers had AN fittings welded on & some braided hose

* Plenum, TT pipe & rear turbo pipe were polished

* Cusco CF front strut brace fitted

and then today I also fitted the Zealou5 Titanium bonnet stay :D









It will be going back in to 360 in a few weeks to have Tomei cams, HKS cam gears, fuel system, MAF delete pipes & either Garrett -5 or -7 turbos fitted & then off to Abbey for mapping :D

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