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STOLEN- Noodl3s r33


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STOLEN- R33 series II, SILVER, SPU-753, info call: Ryan- 0412 061 454


mate(Andrew Hoong)'s car was stolen today from Chadstone shopping centre car park(coles car park), between 4pm and 9pm, sighted around 7-7.30pm...

he had no alarm

any info if you see it, call me on 0412 061 454- Ryan, as he has no theft insurance...

mods- ENKEI rims, 17"x WIDE(white older ones, many spokes), kakimoto cat-back, blitz boost gauge.

thanx for help if you hear anything, and spread the word,


Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Links to pics added to post. ~K

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yeah....immobiliser was on the shopping list...

numberplate is SPU753

also, these rims are pretty rare...i have yet to see them on another line yet another car...so hopefully they will turn up...

there is a reward on the recovery of the car!

i will add pics when i get home

*pics added*

can a mod plz move this to the second post?

much appreciated.

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Hey andrew, i thought i had ur user name wrong, mixed it up with ur e-mail addy, i spread the word on AUSdrift and NissanSilvia for ya

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Sorry to hear mate......yes I do remember the car from the GOR cruise.

Listen I live round the corner from chaddie and am on the roads fairly often so I'll keep my eyes peeled for your beast.

Don't mean to rub salt in your wound but I advise the 1st mod you do to a 'line when you take delivery is fit a bloody good alarm and/or immob.

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