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To Anyone Who Has Fitted A R33 Gearbox To A R32

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I need to check if mine is in properly, so could anyone tell me how their gearlever sat after they did this conversion tell me? I mean how high compared to where thew old knob was, and position of the gearbox (looking through the hole in the tunnel)

What did you end up doing with the cross member as well? I have a roughly fabricated custom one, but want something that looks like its stock. Any suggestions?

edit/ My r33 gearbox that is in the 32 now, has a vey short lever, compared to the r32 std one. Are they supposed to be the same height if they are both std levers? It feels like its got a shorter throw and because of the height it feels like a short shift....anyone else compared the r33 box to the r32 one ???

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nah, i got a custom one (apparently made by JMS) that was used with the gearbox in another 32. I dunno if its the xmember being out of whack, or if its just got a short shifter on the box.....lol. I should know by Tuesday for sure, so it doesn't really matter.

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