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Intercooler install and problems


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Hey all,

I have installed my FMIC but unfortunately there was one side-effect I hadn't planned on.

I use the standard air filter box and now a FMIC pipe is blocking its path and the intake from front of bonnet no longer fits.

Now when driving the boost comes on strong at 3500 and hold firm but there is like a soft/flat spot in mid to high revs. in second i seem to only be able to pull 90kms instead of the 100 i used to pull. :P

This soft/flat spot is there in all gears.

I'm hoping that the problem is the air filternow not getting enough cool air.

I was hoping for some clarification on this.

anyway if it is that I will get a pod filter setup w/ partition and make up a feed from the front left bumper as I now have one of the standard intercooler holes free for intake.

Please say this is the problem!!

As i said, it' doesn't seem to be a boost problem. It is boosting to 8 psi and holding firm even through the flat spots.

thanks for any help/opinions

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two words...

Standard Computer.

The more mods you do, the more airflow the engine gets, the bigger that flat spot gets.

You can see it on a dyno graph. It's where the AFR plummets from about 12:1 down to 10:1

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yep, i wasn't too impressed with my car after installing the fmic. got a powerfc and had it tuned yesterday and holy shit, it makes all the difference, no flat spots.


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[ Yeah great, I've got the same problem... put in a FM cooler with 63mm pipes put a free flowing gtr finer air filter in with extra breather pipe into the stock air box, and upgraded the exhaust by putting free flow resonators in and I started getting this flat spot around the same speed. Havent set up my new boost controller yet so its still running stock psi of 6 or 7. What did you fit to fixe the problem??

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