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V35 wheels

Hey guys,

I've got a set of 4 V35 wheels for sale.


18x8 +30 offset 

5x114.5 PCD obviously

Wheels have some marks/rash, but balance up fine.

Tires are 225 40 18 with camber wear (2 of them) and flat spots ( the other 2) still heaps of life for track work


These were my old drift/track wheels, and have since gone back to 17's so these need to go.

They fit pretty well on stock body S14/15, R32/33 gts t's etc. Pic below is on my 4 door with no spacers


$400, fairly negotiable for SAU guys. Will consider swap for a set/pair of 17x9 japanese brand wheels


Located between Nowra and Wollongong






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