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I was wondering if we could possibly get some merch designs up on a hosting site like Redbubble (http://www.redbubble.com/).

As I understand (I could be wrong) basically all SAU has to do is put the designs up, then anyone and everyone can buy whatever merch they want and everytime there is a sale you guys get a small cut.

Just something to think about as I recently bought a minitruckin' t-shirt from an American forum I frequent that didn't ship to Aus, not to mention I've bought stuff off them multiple times and it's always been good.

Just a thought :)

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SAU logo is a good start. if someone has the state logos that'd be cool too, I've lost my SAUWA hoodies.

Start from there I suppose? If we did logos we could get stuff like long sleeve t's/jumpers made for Motorsport.

Perhaps if people were particularly good at graphic design they could send some pics through to you guys for uploading?

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    • T51R mod is an Antisurge slot. With exception that it has few extra legs on the base of it which makes a sound, and it needed to be inserted into the comp housing.  
    • Is WHC34 a 2 wheel drive Stagea?  4wd Stagea 100% fits, and I'd say 99% sure 2wd will too....they just used the GTR setup as that best suited the wagon floor. BTW I hope you saw Brett's post about potential reasons for a leak, unless you can see the plastic cracked somewhere, it is unlikely to be the tank itself leaking.  Can you see fuel dripping or is it just a smell when you park? Have you had any of the tank/pump holder apart?
    • They did get back to me. First response is from the mechanic that did the work. The problem is that the information that followed wasn't in the original report, which again, I let car inspect know should have been provided and influenced my decision to buy. Ball is back in their court and they have 5 more days to respond.  The actual structural damage was not a complete write off as they had me originally believe.  It just needed to be corrected properly and cleanly as opposed to the botch job of whoever did it last on the rad support and undercarriage. Smoothed out the scrappy welds and did it properly plus painted.
    • Haven't updated this is a while. -5 speed conversion is done. Then center console, parking brake handle, and mounting bracket can be adapted from a R34 since the S2 parts are all disco. Console is a slightly different grain pattern and color but works fine. R33/ R34 GTS (no booster) clutch pedal works as well as the matching master cylinder. Wiring is simple, jump the starter connector at the fuse box, note which wires are connected at which position on the auto neutral safety switch and cut off the switch harness and connect to the corresponding switch on the 5 speed. -Rear R34 rear subframe swap is completed. Full Nismo arm set, 2-way LSD set up soft, 322mm Brembo brakes, Ohlins Flag-R coil overs (need to drop the spring rate 1Kg) -RB swap is under way. HKS Step 2 High Response 2.8 BCD stroker kit / Step 2 V-Cam / GTIII 4R Kit I may not use the 4R kit but not sure yet as I've seen some pretty decent dyno sheets on it and it doesn't spool as slow as people think when you have v-cam. I have the wiring manual for the car and a spare 260RS harness so the wiring shouldn't be that bad but I just haven't had the time to invest in it. If anyone has a suggestion for someone who can handle it let me know! I have a bunch of spare 5mt swap parts and some Nismo 580 turbos if anyone needs/wants them hit me up. Located in California but willing to ship. As always, thanks to all the members who have answered my questions and helped this project keep moving!      
    • Did Car Inspect get back to you? How bad was the actual "structural" damage? What front surgery was required?
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