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R34 GTT front hood lip


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I was curious if any one had modified a R34 GTT front hood lip by incorporating it into the top edge of the front bumper, then trimming off the leading edge of the hood to give it a hood/bumper style closer to the gtr r34 ?

I don't like the large gap under the hood lip to the front bumper. this way the front lip would close the gap between the bumper and lip, and the lip would fall "below" the hood edge.

I love my current body kit and everything else about it, and I cant find a similar front bumper that has the upper portion built into it, so my thought was to remove the hood leading edge lip and attach it to the top edge of the front bumper, then cut off the leading edge of the hood. wondering if any one had done this?

3 frontm.jpg

3 frontm2.jpg

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I haven't done it, but from a composites perspective there's no reason at all why you couldn't. Can think of a few reasons why I wouldn't though...

One issue you will have is that those bonnet lips don't have the recessed area that the GTR bumpers have, which is where the bumper closes onto it to sit flush. So you would either have to make that yourself, which may test your skills (or be expensive if you are paying someone to do it), or just have the bonnet sit behind the lip, which will look terrible.

The hardest part is the bonnet. More specifically, the catch area. When you cut that lip off the GTT bonnet, you will have a massive gap between the outer skin and the inner skin that needs to be closed up. Not super difficult, but not as easy as modifying the fibreglass bumper. If you weld it shut, the heat will distort the bonnet and you will have to bog it flat - bog is shit and you don't want to use it unless you have too. My preference would be to bond it shut with a structural adhesive, but then you have to know what you are doing there for that to work well too.


It will be easier and cheaper to sell your bonnet and bumper and buy GTR style panels. That bumper looks like a Z-Tune style with an incorporated lower lip. Should be quite easy to find.

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