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Vin plate match


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Hi all, wondering if anyone can answer something for me, which my searches have come up empty.

Have a r33 with a green import plate riveted to strut tower, on the bottom says imported under low volume, i assume this was sevs. The vin number stamped on this matches the the thin plate riveted to the firewall. The green comp. Plate mentions r33 2door '95, the original blue factory plate on the car mentions '98.

Are these supposed to match? Or doesn't it really matter, car is not registered, has no history of ever being registered, but is full compliance plated. All checks were done using stamped vin number, in all states.

Do you think I'd have any issues trying to register the vehicle?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Thanks for your reply jmk, was hoping it wasn't the build date, otherwise I'd have some explaining to do when i try to register it!

Me at the inspection"eeerrrmmm, well sir, i know it looks like '95 plates have been put on a '98 car, cough,cough,.....but honestly, not."

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