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Varying temperature and fan speed

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I got my ac recharged last week and then yesterday I changed out the evap temperature sensor that behind the glove box. Now I get ice cold air conditioning. But sometimes while driving it’ll switch to hot air even though it says the ac is still on. And then go back to cold. Also, the fan would go from full blast to very minimal and then back to full blast again. 

attached is a video with it working properly after I put the new sensor In. 



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36 minutes ago, trel said:

Have a read of this thread. Runs through diagnostic on climate control. Try that, might show you a fault.

Oddly enough I’ve done this before. Doing it again just now I got different readings. First diagnostic showed two different numbers. Turned key off. Then did diagnostics again and got a different set of numbers. Attached below is the videos. 


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It most certainty would affect it. All the sensors work together, if you set your temperature to 20 in the cabin and it's 40 outside that needs to work to regulate how much the compressor has to kick on/off, if it has to blend any warmer air or colder dependant on outside temp etc.

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