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16 minutes ago, Adz2332 said:

Is it usable with a rb25 neo?

Well.... maybe. What TCU is there? Keep in mind that a NEO ECU either expects to also be the TCU (when it's out of a GT-T) or it expects to talk to a separate TCU. There are specific bits of information that go backwards and forwards between these boxes, and it is almost certain that a Z32 TCU won't speak the right dialect.

If you were using an aftermarket ECU with the Neo, it would probably be a lot easier. And in fact, these days people like Haltech are rolling transmission control into their ECU's capabilities because of just these problems.

It would also be possible to go a standalone aftermarket TCU, although that might be difficult to integrate properly with a factory Neo ECU, for the same reasons again.

If it is in an R31, and behind an RB, then someone has probably put it together, because the VG bellhousing is not the same as the RB bellhousing, even if there are usually similar gearboxen hanging off the back of them.

Google search of 51x00 shows up many parts that refer to Z32, but that may or may not mean anything. The number also shows up some Maxima parts (which were also VG, but FWD) and so it is possible that it pertains to a whole slew of Nissan trannies.

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3 hours ago, Millerman said:

Google of model number shows 300zx

Post up what the entire tag says. Is JATCO mentioned. If its a RE4RO3A, I have one in a R33, bolted to a RB 30/25 with neo head and cold side. It physically fits with modified converter, tailshaft and rear mount. The RE4R01A bellhousing for Skyline bolts straight on.  Never got the box to play nice with the Nistune R32 ecu and matching TCU  so went manual valve body to make it work. Are you confusing big shift kit with manual valve body.

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