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Yet Another RB25DET "Returning to Idle" Problem Thread

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Good morning everybody (I guess it's night time there?). So, as I vaguely mentioned in my original intro thread, my R33 S1 25t is experiencing a weird idle issue. It's not so much an idle issue as it is a "returning to idle" issue. Overall the car idles and drives just fine, no hesitation or hiccups, but when it's warm and I'm in a situation where I'm inching in traffic or backing into my garage or a parking space, upon returning to idle, the engine bogs down to almost nothing, catches itself and then idles fine. On a few occasions, the car has completely shut off on me in stop and go traffic. Also, when I blip the throttle to take off from a stop, there is a slight off-idle hesitation and this has caused me to stall out more than once. I have completely disassembled the AAC, cleaned it and reset the idle a tad higher than it was. I've thoroughly cleaned the AFM and Seafoam'd the intire intake tract. I also replaced the (probably original) spark plugs with new Iridiums with no change and I'm getting a good fire to all cylinders. Does anyone have any ideas? I drove the car to work today, so I'll go out and take a quick video in case my description of the issue was in any way unclear. Thanks!


EDIT: Before anyone asks, the only mods the car has are an HKS Pod and Apexi Dunk catback. The OEM BOV is still plumbed back to the intake...

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Air leak 100%. Check your lines to charcoal canister and the canister itself. I also had a leak from the boost sensor to plenum tiny little hose had split and I had exactly the issues you're having now.

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