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Haltech Platinum WBC 2 wideband controller

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Hi guys, up for sale is my WBC 2 wideband controller. I installed it on my car but then changed from twin turbo to single so took it off and got the single O2 kit.  The car has started with the kit on but it never left the shed so it should be in really good condition. It also comes with the dual display gauge so you can see what your AFRs are sitting on. The only thing you'll need are new weld on fittings for the O2 sensors to screw into the exhaust. You can get them on Ebay for about $10 each. 
I believe this kit is more designed for Platinum range of ECUs rather than Elite but do your own research to confirm. You can just use it as a standalone to monitor your AFRs.
Price is $250 and includes delivery in Australia.

Its on Facebook and they hungry on there so let me know ASAP if interested! 








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