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R32 M-Spec Coupe Fibreglass Kit. Too Small?

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To start with, I never expected a perfect fit (fairly common knowledge that this is just the nature of aftermarket fibreglass parts). But this seems impossible to fit.

3 months ago I purchased a set of fibreglass M-spec fibreglass side skirts and end caps to put on my R32 mspec coupe. Today I finally received them. In hindsight, I would much rather have just hung around for a genuine plastic set to come up - but it is what it is now.

They appear to be about 3cm short lengthways, and can only be tucked under by about 50% before it feels like they're about to crack. Attached are some pics, and I apologise if the angles aren't the greatest.




I've contacted the manufacturer with these same pictures and he's said I need to "remove the factory side skirt mouldings" for them to fit, and that he has sold many in past years without issue. 

However, I can't see anything for me to remove... What's in the above photos seems to be well blended into the chassis, it is solid when tugging hard on it, and the shape seems to match the few bare photos I could find online. 


Other photos I've been looking at as some sort of reference...

image.thumb.png.c14feb176762ed9f50c81bee49c90726.pngimage.thumb.png.5ae373cf9b97dc11282f0cc086bb285b.png (a GTR)


Is there really a removable moulding I'm missing like the body kit manufacturer is suggesting, or should the skirts just push over what is there, like what I'm trying to do in the first set of pictures? I cannot find any videos/guides of someone doing this to know exactly if I'm starting at the right place.

Appreciate anyone with an opinion/know-how on this.



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That kit is nasty looking shit. And it doesn't fit.

It is possible the rear pods would fit better on a GTR, as the widre shape of the guards might angle the tail end of it back towards the panel a bit more, but it would still likely flap around in the breeze like horny female cat's arse end.

It is distinctly possible that your car has suffered a crash and poor repair and is not the correct length, although longer would be a bit unexpected.

There is nothing left to remove in the way of other skirts, etc.

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