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What model is this rear spoiler off?

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I'm bought myself another R33 😁 (I was dumb enough to sell the first one)

Its a GTS25t but it has a rear spoiler i've never seen before. I love it. 

Wondering if anyone knows what its called. It has additional risers and a round brake light



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Well, it's not off any "model" - as in, I really don't think it is Nissan. Some aftermarket crowd from back in the days when there was no weight limit to the amount of body kit that could be strapped on.

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That's the thing. I vaguely recall seeing something about a limited edition with this spoiler. I can't recall where. 


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On 3/22/2024 at 6:04 PM, lilrobot said:

i was looking for one of these recently too; i found out it's called the R33 My Wing kit by Autech.

Nissan Skyline R33 "My Wing" by Autech - Brochure - Imgur

Thanks so much. Now that I know the name I was able to find much more info on Google. 


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