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Hi All,

I've just picked up my R32GTS-t fresh off the boat from Japan :wassup:

Very happy, it's just been dyno tuned and had the once over engine flush etc.

It's running sweet now and i just want to know what turbo is on it my mechanic says its a VG30 from the power it puts out and when it puts it out i.e. no response below 5,000rpm :) .

Anyways just wanted to know if anyone knows much about these turbos. what theyre capable of etc.

It has 165rwkw on .8bar of boost.

any help or knowledge would be great.

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It was dynoed by Dr Drift at XTC in Croyden.

Yep it's a GARRETT A/R 60 Housing. Thats all i can see though.

And it does make some boost but not much before 5,000rpm (around .3bar at 4,000rpm)

But it's laggy as all hell below that.

The other mods are:

- Full Exhaust

- Pod filter

and thats it for the engine

I think it was a mountain racer in Japan as it has fully adjustable susp with apexi springs and a GTR bonnet (carbon fibre)

Any ideas on what sort it is if its not a VG30???

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