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R32 GTR N1 front bar copy for GTST

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have the gtr N1 copy bar for sale,

its fibreglass and has some damage so will need to get repaired and resprayed

damage is 2 round marks about the size of 50c pieces

offers above $100

which means if you purchase.

cost: 100

repair and paint: 400

total 500

compared to buying new.

cost 450

paint 350

total 800

i previously had the bar reinforced when i first purchased it, so its not fragile at all.

<------pics of the bar are in my gallery on the left

will post up pics of the damage tomorrow

buyer prefered pick up in sydney

bar is silver colour code KLO

its possible for your fit the bar and paint it at a later date, structualy stable

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its all 1 piece,

fits straight onto a gtst if you remove the rio bar, but if you like me and want the security.

i cut 2 holes in it for the N1 ducts, took me 30mins with a angle grinder.

as for damage thats it apart from some paint chips and underneath the bottom lip etc.

but if its goin to b resprayed they're minor

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