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R32 gtst 92 with rb26 not your average car

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ok selling for a mate not posting for a mate so contact me for more info

has full compliance

r32 1992 fitted with rb26 tuned rom ecu vpc

100 mm cooler

660 injectors

fuel system upgrade not sure on spec's but good for 400 rwkw

twin plate clutch 75-80% Left

rb25 box with gear set and quick shift

2way or locked diff not sure but assume 2 way

drag suspension great weight transfer etc

line locker

17" wheels

very clean body we assume one owner in japan

defiantly one owner here in oz

probably more mods but that should do for now

car was built in japan by garage endless

ok this car was brought in with a mental motor full house rb26 with twin 2835r pros any way the owner got sick of the set up and swapped the old motor for an rb 26 from a 1997 gtr in its current for the car has made 250 rwkw @ around .8 bar its a great car with a good reliable package.

it needs a bit of sorting and reg the owner is o/s.

the car starts first time every time idles fine and drives great

slime @ meggala.com the car is in melbourne freight no problem etc

serious enquirys only

low 20k mark

this is a 92 model not an 89 its a great package with good interior and exterior




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