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Hicas Removal R32 GTR


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Hey all,

I have just had a rego check done on my GTR to transfer rego, and it failed because the rear stearing arms (link lower suspension) have play in them too much. they are not that much too get them is just sourcing them thats the problem, nissan said they didnt have any right ones in the country and looks like they wont for a long time if at all. it would be easyer just to remove the hicas system i just wanted to know would it be better to get rid of the hicas in the GTR? i have heard they handle better without it.

or would it be better just the get the rear steering fixed?

and if so anyone know where i could source the right and left link lower suspension?

cheers :)

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Scott it depends on the part thats worn/allowing the slop in the rear end. Just replacing the HICAS unit with a lock bar may not help if the ball joints are buggered.

Best to ask what was causing the slop (you have paid for it in the inspection) or to jump underneath with the rear on stands and pull the back end of the wheel from side to side and watch the links.

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I new a guy at the garage so they gave the inspection for free.

I am not sure how the arse end works on these things (new to them) but he said the left and right rear steering arms (link lower suspension) is gone.. has heaps of playand when driving you can hear a clunck when it tries to steer. nissan quoted $113 for the left and $217 for the right and nissan also said they wont be able to get any right ones into the country and dont know when they could get them in if at all.

the guy there said that the bar to remove the rear steering would fix this... i should have payed mort attention to what they were saying but what is written on the sheet is what ive said on here.

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Don't remove it. Then there will be nothing stopping your wheels from just turning by themselves. What is this link lower suspension. I have been working on suspension for 8 years and the only think with the word link in it is the link pins and they have nothing to do with the steering arms.

On the other note...Did he say rack ends (steering arms) or tie rod ends (where they join to the hub)?

Ties rod ends are relatively inexpensive.

Rack ends can be repaired. They can be nolathane injected. I'm pretty sure they can do this to tie rod ends also but you'll have to check out who can do them in your area.

As far as passing a roadworthy...

You cuold remove the steering arms, put them in a vice and hammer the outer edge in the take up the play...vwala...you now have a rack end with no play that will probably never fail again.

You can do the same with the tie rod ends but it's usually not advised.

BTW...it's not exactly legal for a mechanic to do it but I don't think there is a prob with you doing it.

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I'd try a wreckers or just jap for the parts. Did a front steering link recently for a mate and it was pretty cheap. Unless you re going on track a HICAS lock bar won't be much use and it won't fix this anyway.

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Thanx for the input.

I was looking through the manual last night i a belive i know what they are talking about. they did say it is the steering arm and in brackets (lower link suspention). for people with the manual CH-232 is the page and its called the lower link which looks to hook up to the hicas for the steering. and says only for cars with super hicas.

It is these two links that are stuffed and are causing the wheels to have alot of play. when it is jacked up you can actually rock them back and forward a bit to much for anyones liking

is this what the lock bar replaces??

where could i source these lower links from since nissan is no help

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Sounds like the same problem i have on my R32 gtst, but mines probably worse than yours.

I've been told i need:

new front rack ends (inner tie rod ends)

new rear rack ends (inner tie rod ends)

new rear outer tie rod ends (hub ball joint)

Apparently none of these parts are made by aftermarket suppliers so all have to come from Nissan. Nissan has said 2-3 weeks to get them from Japan. (I imagine GTRs would use the same parts so availability should be the same.)

Quoted price for supply and fit of all the above parts + wheel alignment is $950.

Seems expensive but i think its because of Nissan over charging for parts.

Are these the sort of parts that your better off buying new or would it be worth trying to get them from wreckers. Also, will wreckers sell these sort of parts, or would i need to buy a whole rack just to get rack ends.

Does anyone know if any other cars use the same parts. I thought maybe Z32 turbos or S13s with hicas.



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