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Cheap Runabout car - Mazda 626

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Hi Guys,

I have the following for sale, would be good as a cheap runabout, or even as a car for the girlfriend / wife :) :

84 Mazda 626 Super Deluxe 5 Door Hatchback, metallic blue

2L, 5 speed manual, Very reliable and cheap car, good for first/runabout car

Power windows, power steer, A/C, sunroof, Cruise control, Stereo with CD stacker

$3000 ono located in Sydney

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It is a 2L carby..

no idea on power outage of this car (never got it dynoed :D) but according to drive.com.au they have 70kw

it also has a sports exhaust on it if that makes a difference (it is nice and loud!):)

I am in western sydney, pm me if you are interested in having a look

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