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This is going to sound like a really strange question.... but

I have just recently had new tyres fitted to the back of my R33 gtst ( 265x35x18)

and for some reason the steering is now reacting really badly. I was maybe even thinking that when the tyre place changed the tyres they might have jacked it up using the HICAS steering rack instead of the Diff.

So what I need to know is with the HICAS can you actually see it moving when you turn the wheels when stationary or very slow? ( like I know you can on Hondas with 4 wheels steer)

or does it move so slightly that you can't see it?

I can't see mine moving so if they are meant to then I have found my problem.

If someone could help me by looking at their line I would really appreciate it.


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If you put the HICAS system into diagnostics mode, the wheels will turn whilst stationary...

you don't wanna do that though coz it'll put heaps of load on your steering pump and puts flat spots on your tyres.

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And...  FYI...  He, is a she...  :P

Who is a She?

Any way Thanks for the help fellas,

So Hicas is set up for high speed cornering?

I thought it was like the Honda 4 wheel steering and was set up to only work for low speed cornering, moving only a couple of degrees?

Does anyone know how to run a diagnostics on the Hicas, cause I have no way of knowing if anything is damaged.

I took the car back yesterday and they put the car on the hoist, you could quite clearly see where the jack had hit the hicas module.

they said it was only a minor mark and they reduced the tyre pressures down to 30 psi to solve the problem ( my opinion that only masked it)

Not sure what I do from here now..... Guess I take it back down to Gavin at Autotech and see if he can find anything wrong!

Thank again for the help

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