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HKS GT2530 complete bolt on kit.

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Hi all,

I am selling my HKS GT2530 turbo off my R33 GTSt, complete with EVERYTHING you need to bolt it up (possibly bar one fitting, which might need to be made for a water feed)

I purchased the turbo alone nearly a year ago, and then separately purchased brand new parts to complete the bolt-on kit. These include a Genuine HKS stainless split dump (not cheap!) and high quality braided lines. Also a 1.2bar actuator (with adjustable rod) which was purchased new.

When purchased the turbo was as new condition with less than 5000kms on it, and i have since done only 10,000kms with it. The only reason for sale is the arrival of my new HKS 2835 kit.

so you get: turbo, dump, lines, 90 degree compressor outlet elbow, braided lines and fittings, all metal gaskets, wastegate actuator. Basically everything you need.

How good is this turbo?

The maximum figure i achieved was 227rwkw, made at 1bar. You can run very high boost through the midrange if you want, but on a 2.5litre the boost will drop off just at the top of the rev range. My best track time was a 12.5 at 115mph, with a slow 2.1 60foot, so you can see the potential with a good launch.

On an RB20 higher peak power figures may be obtained due the lesser exhaust gas allowing more than 1bar to be sustained over 6-6500rpm.

The torque increase makes a stock turbo feel truly weak, this kit is an awesome responsive upgrade, and makes for a very quick street car.

Price is $2100 and this is strictly firm.

***Please post questions related to this turbo/kit only please. I dont want to have to explain differences between this and a highflow, or other HKS models, or garret equivalents etc etc! so if you want to know, there are plenty of threads so please have a search.

cheers! Allan

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the turbo is all cleaned up ready to go, shaft play is like brand new, gathered by comparing it to my brand new HKS unit. So many of these so called 'low km' turbos look crap and have dings and nicks in the compressor wheel inducer, this one is gorgeous, you will want to put it on the mantle piece, not in ur car :)


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