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New Consult Software for PC


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i have the PLMS device.. it is worth what you get.. and when they have stock is takes only a few days to get here.

considering there are not many placesthat make them PLMS seems to be the best.

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the pga forums (pulsar.org.au) had some guys in WA selling them. ive made a few for the interested on silviansw forums. you can find most of the stuff you need from jaycar and make it yourself if your good with electronics, have a lot of spare time and can track down a consult connector (or hard wire it)

as for the software in the original post, ill check it out soon, more free alternatives the better!

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okay got a converter and tried it out last night, i felt so Fast&Furious driving around with the laptop in my car :) but some comments (please note this is the only software i've used so far):

* The user interface is rubbish and confusing.

* The ROM dump most certainly doesn't take 11 mins, after 11 mins i wasn't even 10% complete.

* The auto ECU detect worked fine for my RB20DET.

* The logging does its job, i was supprised at how often it sampled but many consecutive readings were the same at ALL variables so i kinda question if it was an update or a copy of teh previous.

* The application doesn't exit properly, after you close it it leaves a process called "Consult" running which muck you up if you open TECU again.

On the whole i think it's a promising product and above all it's free but it has a way to go yet, simple things like using check-boxes when it should be radio buttons, the UI REALLY let it down and is so important.

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i also have some settings.dat error message on startup.

always happens until you run it and save-settings.

also you need to download the 1.7Mb zip at the top of the thread THEN replace the default exe with f revision exe (~400kb). I got the f by itslef and it confused teh crap outta me.

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Guest two.06l
Actually you can make one from an computer power supply ATX plug :cheers:

can you step me through the process, with pics too would be good

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How hard will it be to make the cable to hook up your laptop?

Would any body have a parts list?

Ive installed a RB20 into another car with only the Engine wiring loom will i find the Consult conneter on the ECU wiring loom? if not how to you hard wire 1 in?

Thanks Damo!!!

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I have a tutorial online to make the consult interface (with genuine consult connector) - based on the PLMS design.

Also have another one on how to make the connector from ATX plug (The tutorial on tangentrix is a little confusing in some parts)

DIY Connector : HERE

Consult Interface : HERE

I have the genuine (and rare) consult port connectors for sale as well if you're not confident enough that the DIY connector will do the job

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