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samll freq prob


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hey guys. i got a Sony FM/CD Player the only prob is the tuner dun go pass 90. so i guess thats that jap prob ha

anyhow it says DSP/TV Controler..

oki any one knws wat the TV Controler part do and how ?

its a

Sony CDX-C6000 came with a sony equalizer...

any idea how i can get the tuner to go pass 90, cos i dun wana change the system. well dun wana buy a whole new one. cos it has this small thing fixed just below the steering whell wheel where i can change the things on the system


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Digital Sound Processor/TV controller just means you can plug it into a tv or dsp unit and you can control it from the HU.

There are things you can stick between the antenna which will change the frequency range over to australia - I'm suprised they didn't do that at compliance. Are you sure you ain't getting 104.1 on say 89.1 or something? I've seen a lot of cars do that.

If it ain't there and you don't wanna switch the HU over just buy one - I don't know what they're called (FM modulator maybe?) but they will get it higher in the frequency range where aussie radio is. The only downside is your FM freq numbers in the HU will still only read up to 90 so you'll just have to mentally adjust to the range the modulator is changing to.

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