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[SA] Recaro Seats x2 (RED)

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Replicas.. but the best I've seen around and used.. compared to the real thing..

Bought just under a year ago.. but been out of car for around 4-5months now..

In excellent condition and would like to only sell LOCALLY at this stage...

Looking for $400 for the PAIR... yes... its for the PAIR so dont ask again! :P

They come with universal rails.. front tabs are at 90deg angles and rear ones are flat...

Seats are reclinable(=legal) just need to either modify the rails.. or get some custom ones made up.. and ur all set!


Will try and get more pics soon.. as seats are boxed up at a friends place...


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are u still the seats is real from Recaro???Coz you cant get red SR-III and SR-IV Recaro anwhere unless you got a Type-R......

and if it is really from Honda....then the seats must have retrim history....coz the word "Recaro" should located lower and smaller...........

You can say I am wrong mate....But I can prove it with my Honda R

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