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R34 Rear Seat Removal and Replacement Cover

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Hi all,

Has anyone ever seen replacement panels for the rear seats in an R34 2-door? To comply with local laws I must remove the rear seats to keep the front buckets, this is the same as Japan but now I face the task every year as opposed to two years. Seeing as the rear seats never get used anyway, I'm thinking some sort of carpet-covered deck and panel to cover the bottom and upright portions of the rear seat area would be a visually pleasing addition and serves as somewhere to put my bag - that plus it would work well with a half cage if I persist to use the car on track.  

Something like what can be seen here in this F82. 

Seems easy enough to make, but if I can buy something it would save me the time (which I don't have much of at the moment). 


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There's full CF liners, but I've never seen anything less ridiculous than that.

It only needs to be carpet. This is what motor trimmers are for. If I wanted it to look neat & didn't trust myself to cut and shape the carpet right, I'd just give it to a trimmer for an afternoon.

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Cheers, tbh I didn’t even know this was a business. I’m guessing a seat upholstery company or similar is where I need to go. I just want something I can put stuff on, like backpacks and dildos, that won’t fall down into the gaps and crevices. A few hundred USD is as far as I’m willing to go. I also don’t want it to be made from wood for weight purposes. 

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