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VL Calais Turbo

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FOR SALE: Maroon/Maroon 1987 VL Calais Turbo (factory)


*manual 5 speed

*forged pistons

*high flowed t03 (just rebuilt)

*large bar an plate front mount intercooler


*Custom Plenum

*3" exhaust from turbo back

*after market fuel reg/fuel pump


*boost gauge

*turbo timer

*clubsport 17"s

*electric sunroof/windows

*top of the line alarm system, immobilizers etc

*6 stack CD

*rego, October 2005


car was resprayed 2yrs ago but since then i've struck some bad luck. a tree branch fell on the left hand side of the bonnet leaving a few mild dents. Theres a ding in the back left pannel, and a small dent in the front right pannel. the dents are visable within 10metres. Also, the back right trim from the rear bumper is missing. Apart from this the car looks clean from 10metres+... which aint great, but the car goes. Car has done 260,000 and was rebuilt around 180.000.

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    • I do have a tiny tiny misfire occasionally but I think it's because I got a little fuel down into a plug tube so I'll pull the coils out and see if I can dry those out. 
    • Ok, so here the embarrassing 'fess up' post. Here's the crack, or broken part of the old valve cover. Pretty obvious break and in hindsight it's quite the face palmer 🤦‍♂️ but let me explain why I didn't think this was a problem. This side part of the valve cover is an additional piece, it protrudes from the main valve cover and it's also where the fuel rail mounts.....  You can see the rail at the bottom and you can see this external piece hanging off the side of the cover. It almost looks sandwiched in this pic.  Here's another cover with that side piece ...  On top of this, when looking at the inside of the cover, there were no openings(*) for that section. So I really just thought I'd broken some crispy plastic mount for the fuel rail.... Until somebody drew my attention to the air openings at the BOTTOM of the cover, not INSIDE the cover. So, I had a ginormous PCV leak. The cover needed to go and I should have taken everybodies advice and got a new one in the first place. The original one is just fried, its really brittle. It was nice to have the new one be really snug in position and the screws were slightly tight to do up which was completely different to the original ones that almost undid themselves.    
    • Pulled out this pile of shit, will be refreshed soon enough. Had coolant hit my face and I accidentally tasted it.  It's sweet.
    • Looks awesome. Well done. I'd love to drive Laguna Seca! 
    • This video is great, the enthusiasm is infectious and it's kind of cute. It's great to see these things being used properly on track, it reminds me of track days of old. It is a bit funny seeing everyone so excited about Skylines, whereas here they're all considered a bit nuggety or shitboxy. If this seems odd to you mr OP, imagine all of us being this giddy about seeing 30 C5 Vettes on a track at once place, full of influencers taking their videos and posting for clout. That said, you did a great job conveying the fun and excitement of a track day, getting out there and just having some damn fun.
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