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r33 Dash Replacement


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im looking at getting a entire dash replacement for my

94 r33 gts-t, im in Perth WA.

Im trying to find someone that actually makes a custom dash that will slot into the car rather than the 3M stick on parts or a powder coat.

im looking at this because the person (persons) that have had the car before me have half started a dash modification and left it unfinished :)

they have coloured the manual console the front door latch handles the passenger windows switch and the passenger hand insert with a metallic blue substance (also centre console is missing a ash tray).

i would like a custom carbon fibre dash or something of that nature.

does any one know where i could get one in perth?.

thanks a mill.

attached are some pics


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I'm getting the same thing done to mine in about a month.

I'm not sure about anywhere in Perth, but give these guys a call, they are the best around aparently, and should know of any counterpart stores in your neck of the woods.


It takes about a week or two (given that the R33 dash needs to be sandblasted before they start) and then they can dip it in a carbon fibre colour of your choice or a few other prints/patterns. They give the car a great finish and it'll set you back roughly $400-$500.

Either way, they'll more than helpful and will be able to give you some ideas of what can and cannot (should not) be done.

Good luck with it :)

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have contacted them, they sound like they know there stuff but im not sure if i could get it done since im in perth and the chances of my dash going through the mail and getting there and back un damaged is very small.

thanks 4 the info.

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