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My Oil choice.


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Hi ppls,

Now the motor is well and truly run in I am going to go for the Motul 8100 X-CESS 5W-40. Its a decent synthetic oil that is PAO, i.e not a half arsed synthetic.

The next step up from PAO is the ester based oils which are big $$.

Close to $100 for around 5ltrs.

The Motul 8100 X-CESS 5W-40 is $59.95 for 5ltrs which is fairly decent.

It should be interesting how the 5w-40 goes, there is a bloke at Autobarn that runs it in his RB26DETT. Its fine and holds oil pressure in heavy traffic (unlike mobil 1).

Let me know of any experiences with this oil.

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I'm not going to play around mixing oils.

$40 adds up over a 5,000km change interval.

I'll see how it goes, if the oil analysis comes back nice I'll stick with the oil and possible extend the drain intervals.

I've seen a few analysis reports with the Motul gear and it is a pretty damn good oil.

If the report contains a little too much bearing wear I'll jump up to the 300v.

I do quite a lot of kays ~30,000km's per year.

It all adds up. Especially Studying full time at Uni and trying to support my continual list of mods habbit. :)

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Ive run Motul 8100 for the last 3 or more changes.

Found the response a little better than Mobil 1, but i have no idea about wear on bearings etc.

I'm thinking of changing to Castrol Formula R (a lot thicker tho) to see how it goes.

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