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panasonic wiring harness


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ok... i am going to try to install a panasonic CQ-C1110 HU into a 92 barina (suzuki swift) in the next couple of days..... i've never done anything with car audio before and am a tad confused.

I read gregs tutorial on the r33 HU installation and im not to sure about the wiring harness adaptors. the aerpro website only has pioneer, alpine, sony, kenwood and clarion, in the different pin variations plug thingys...


is panasonic not listed because the wiring is the same as one of the above?

Also, whats the OEM wiring harness?

im not really looking forward to having to cut and solder all those joints so any advice or expierience is much appreciated.


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that car doesnt have a factory harness listed because it doesn't need one..

wiring is:

speakers ( these are on 4 pin plugs):

gry set - rt rear

green set - lt rear

orange set - rt frt

red set - lt frt

theres a 3 pin plug that has power and lights on it.

wht/blk - +12v

wht - +12 via key.

red/yel - lights

if the car doesnt have rear speakers the cables are located behind the panel that covers the boot latch.

that should get you started.

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Hey guys, new to the Skyline discussion on your side of the ditch, so yeah, Hi! :D

To clear things up, these colours are what you will find on pretty much any of todays aftermarket stereos, they are universal.

Yellow - Permanent (battery)

Red - Accessory

Orange - Illumination

Blue or Blue/White - Remote

White - Front Left +

White/Black - Front Left -

Grey - Front Right +

Grey/Black - Front Right -

Green - Left Rear +

Green/Black - Left Rear -

Purple - Right Rear +

Purple/Blak - Right Rear-

If you dont use the rear speaker oututs due to no rear speakers, insulate them as they can short and hurt a stereo

Dont join colour to colour as the cars audio wires will never match your head units

foznice : if you need more specific details let me know :D

Hope this helps!

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